.alux Forge Calculator

A Ragnarok Online Forging Rates Calculator

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This program calculates forging rates for Blacksmiths in Ragnarok Online, as well as the costs and the gain of the forging process.
Formulas and game-mechanics are taken from eAthena, and skill descriptions from the kRO English Translation by mrmagoo

This program is open source, and it is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v.2.
Please report any bug you find to alucard[ at ]dotalux[ dot ]com


Wed, 2010 January 13th
Moved source and downloads to google code
Thu, 2009 September 17th
.axForge updated to version 4.5.2R2.
Fixed a typo in 4.5.1R1 not counting some prices in Level3 weapon cost calculation.
Wed, 2009 September 16th
.axForge updated to version 4.5.1R1.
Modified form spacing to fix some conditions that made stats input impossible.
Added Elemental Stones and Star Crumbs in Price Calculation pages.
Fixed Blade being erroneously shown in Level 2 weapons.
Fixed several typos in item names and normalized them to their official English names
Added missing weapon Saber
Fixed typos and outdated information in the Mechanics Info page.
Thanks to Paul Wiedebusch for his suggestions/bugreports
Mon, 2009 June 1st
.axForge updated to version 4.4.0RC.
Fixed several bugs in equip calculation code.
Added Baby Blacksmith.
Added Gospel.
Thanks to Kaos for testing/suggestions.
Thu, 2009 May 28th
.axForge updated to version 4.3.0RC. Updated equip management code.
Sun, 2009 Feb 15th
.axForge, version 4.1.1 R1 [Slight updates to the core and added support for whitesmith job levels]
Sun, 2007 Dec 23rd
.axForge, version 4.0.7 R7 [bugfix release, fixed a bug in total cost of weapon forging items]
Wed, 2007 Nov 28th
First public release of .axForge, version 4.0.6 R6
~the beginning~



The main window, with an example forger's stats loaded
The weapon cost and gains page
Weapon type selection. In the example, level 2 spears
Refine Steel page, woth costs, success % and gains
The online help (skill info)
The "file" menu


Project is discontinued